The Host’s General Terms and Conditions

Dear Guest,
Before booking this property, please take a few moments to carefully read the following Host’s General Terms and Conditions (T&Cs). When you book the property, these T&Cs will become an integral part of the Rental Agreement between you and the Host.

1. Entering into a Rental Agreement/provision of services

(a) By booking, you have entered into a binding Tourist Travel Contract with the Host. You are bound to this offer until written acceptance or refusal from the Host. After booking, you shall receive a written or oral booking confirmation by telephone or via email. Receipt of this confirmation concludes the Rental Agreement.

(b) The booking can be made orally, in writing, by telephone, via fax or using electronic means (online booking, email).

(c) Solely the descriptions, pictures and price information in the description of this property are relevant to the services to be rendered.

(d) In this instance, the Agreement is concluded if the Guest accepts the offer within the stated period without amendments (restrictions or extensions) through spoken or written confirmation, by paying a deposit, paying the full amount or using the accommodation.

(e) Non-binding reservations from which the Guest may withdraw free of charge are only possible upon explicit agreement with the Host.

2. Payment

(a) The full fee for the services rendered regarding added services and extras is due at the end of the Guest’s stay and must be paid to the Host unless otherwise agreed by the Host and Guest.

(b) The Host is authorized to request a deposit of 25% of the full fee upon confirmation of the booking. The remaining sum must be paid no later than 21 days prior to arrival. For bookings made at short notice, the payment must be made immediately upon receipt of the invoice. If the Guest does not pay the deposit on the due date, the Host is authorized to withdraw from the Agreement following a warning with a deadline and to send the Guest an invoice for the withdrawal costs as per these T&Cs.

(c) For stays of more than one week, the Host is authorized to send an invoice for the costs of services already rendered at the end of the first week.

(d) There is no entitlement to pay by credit card. The same applies to payment at the end of the stay by bank transfer.

3. Withdrawal/cancellation

(a) The Guest may withdraw from the Agreement at any time. The Host’s receipt of the cancellation is relevant here. It is in the interest of the Guest to make the cancellation in writing. We recommend taking out travel cancellation insurance.

(b) As a basic principle, the Host still has the right to be paid for the agreed services. However, he or she must seek to accept a booking from a different Party in the ordinary course of business (without obligation to make special efforts). The Host must allow for revenue from occupancy by a different Party. The same applies to the outlays saved if no ulterior use of the accommodation was possible. In accordance with this, the Host is entitled to a flat rate of 90% for the apartment/holiday home.

Instead of cancelling, you can of course name another visitor. The withdrawal fee shall be paid with the deposit.

(c) In the event that we cancel due to force majeure or other unforeseeable circumstances (e.g. if the Host has an accident or falls ill) or other circumstances for which the Host is not responsible that make it impossible to fulfill his or her duties, liability shall be limited to reimbursement of the costs. In the event of justified cancellation, the Customer shall not be entitled to compensation – no liability shall be assumed for travel and hotel costs.

(d) In the event of use of the holiday home deemed in violation of the contract, i.e. subletting, over-occupancy, disturbance of domestic peace, etc. and in the event of the full rental price not being paid, the Agreement may be terminated without notice. The Landlord shall keep the rent already paid to him or her.

4. Arrival and departure

(a) Unless otherwise agreed, the Guest must move into the accommodation no later than 6pm on the day of arrival. The Guest must inform the Host of a delay in arrival no later than the agreed arrival time. Otherwise, the Host is authorized to allocate the accommodation to another Party.

(b) Unless otherwise agreed, the Guest must depart the accommodation no later than 11am on the day of departure. If the Guest does not leave on time, the Host may charge a corresponding fee. The apartment must be left in a clean state on the day of departure. The crockery, glasses, etc. must be cleaned. Furthermore, the dishwasher must not still be in use and must be emptied. The garbage can must be emptied and the refrigerator cleared out.

5. Defects

(a) The Guest must only use the accommodation as intended and must take care of it. Bringing pets is only permitted following explicit agreement if the Host allows this option in the description of the property.

(b) The Guest is obliged to immediately notify the Host of any defects and faults and to request a remedy. The Guest may only terminate the Agreement in the event of considerable defects or faults. Prior to this, he or she must set a reasonable period of time for deficiencies to be remedied unless this is impossible or the Host refuses to do so. Termination by the Guest is also permitted if he or she considers continuance of the contractual relationship to be objectively unreasonable.

6. Liability

(a) The Host’s contractual liability for compensation other than for bodily harm is by and large limited to three times the travel price, provided that the Host did not cause harm to the Guest either intentionally or through force majeure.

(b) For all compensation claims in tort against the Host that are not due to either a deliberate act or force majeure, liability for property damage is limited to three times the travel price. These maximum liability sums apply per Guest and trip.

(c) The Host is not liable for information about prices and services that are solely imparted and signaled to the Guest via a third-party service.

(d) Liability for possible outages and/or disruptions to the water or electricity supply and occurrences and consequences owing to force majeure are hereby excluded.

7. Final provisions

(a) The Agreement shall be subject to German law.

(b) The Guest may only file a lawsuit against the Host at his or her place of business.

(c) The provisions of the Agreement do not apply if and provided that non-negotiable EU provisions or other international provisions are applicable.