Welcome to Beim Schmied

Leave your stresses and worries behind, relax your senses and find happiness in one of the most beautiful regions of Germany. Chiemgau has plenty to offer with its lush green meadows and forests and an abundance of rivers, lakes and mountains! Recharge your batteries and enjoy the charm of the countryside.

Be wowed by the local culture, i.e. the castles, monasteries and palaces, and indulge in the local cuisine in our pubs and fantastic beer gardens!
Experience our customs and traditions that are proudly preserved and showcased!

Come and live in one of our two exclusive holiday apartments which were newly constructed between July 2014 and the end of July 2015. Located in a tranquil area on the outskirts of the small village of Haßmoning, the apartments boast handmade furniture and modern heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. You will feel at ease in the homely atmosphere of this holiday apartment, which is also low risk for allergy sufferers.

The apartments are timber frame buildings made of pinewood. Ecological certification and proof of origin were sought when choosing the building materials. Old wood and historic architectural elements from the farm and the former blacksmith’s workshop have been restored and tastefully integrated into the new room concept.
The oak flooring was manufactured locally, the weatherproof facade is made of fir from our own forest land and the front door frames were created using the ridge of the former blacksmith’s workshop dating back to 1736. The carefully restored and adapted interior doors originally come from our estate and date back to around 1855/56, as do the historic wrought iron fittings, some of which were re-manufactured or repaired in our blacksmith’s workshop.
The building is airy and does not need a ventilation system. This is due to the materials used, the architecture and the heating concept: Wall heating in the rooms, which is combined with underfloor heating in the bathroom.
The heating required for our entire estate is mainly generated using wood from our land with a small solar thermal installation as a back-up system.
The blueprints and layout of these apartments were designed and planned by our sister/sister-in-law Dorothee Maier at meierei interior design studios in Munich.

About us

We are a sideline organic farm, we manage meadows with rented fields and forests and have five stalls for horses in our stables. We also have three cats, two rabbits and chickens.

“We” meaning Christine, Gerhard and our two children Pia and Anna Maier.
Gerhard Maier was born in 1966 and is a skilled farmer and qualified car mechanic. He has been working as an IT expert for Apple Macintosh since 2001 and as a Harley mechanic since 1990. He took over the farm business in 2006.
Christine Maier was born in 1966. She is a trained hotel manager and nurse and is currently working as a dialysis nurse.
The family grandparents, Regina and Gerhard Maier, live next door to us. They are always very helpful and supportive!

Our motto is:

Pay attention to sustainability and respect nature!
We strive to promote well-being and be mindful of the things that are often overlooked in everyday life.

Slow down and relax, enjoy and recuperate, take a break and have a wonderful time in gorgeous surroundings!

A special kind of atmosphere!
Even if you only have time for a short stay or a stopover before reaching your final destination:
You are always more than welcome to stay with us!